Frequently Asked Questions

When will you be open?
We have been open by appointment since the fall of 1990. This was a condition established by the city of Wichita commissioner’s when the zoning was changed to allow the house to function as a house museum.¬† We have guided tours Tuesday-Saturday year-round, with the exception of the month of January.¬† We are closed on Sundays, Mondays and all major holidays.

Why does the lintel slope over the front door?
The basement was dug by horses with drag buckets. In order to get the horses and excavated dirt out, a ramp was created. Since compaction was done by hand in this time frame, rather than by mechanical means, settling has occurred in this area.

How old was Frank Lloyd Wright when he designed the Allen House?
He was 48 years old.

Why are there cracks in the fireplace mantels?
They are thermal cracks from the marble expanding from the heat produced by locating the wood logs out toward the front of the fire box. Frank Lloyd Wright preferred the logs to be placed vertically at the back of the fire box.

How long does it take to tour the home?
Standard Tour – 90 minutes, Grand Tour 2-3 hours, Moonlight Tour 90 minutes

Was the parking lot part of Frank Lloyd Wright’s original house¬†design?
No. The parking lot concept was implemented by restoration architect Howard W. Ellington, A.I.A. with environmentally friendly pavers to offer off street parking due to City Ordinance.

How much did the Allen House Foundation pay Wichita State University for the house?
It is the policy of the Wichita State University Foundation to not disclose the amount paid for items de-accessioned.

How long did the Allen’s live in the house?
The Allens sold the property in 1948 due to health concerns and Wright told them they would regret it.  Shortly after moving, Elsie did in fact try to purchase the home back but was not successful.

Can I get a refund on my tickets?
The Allen House does not offer refunds on tour or event tickets.¬† If you cannot attend on your scheduled tour date, we are happy to reschedule you for a future date.¬† If the Allen House cancels due to weather, conditions out of our control, etc., we will issue a refund if we can’t reschedule.

Do I have to be on a tour to enter the Gilded Garage Gift Shop?
No!  The gift shop is open to the public and you are always welcome.  The gift shop is located in the original garage of the home.  If it is after hours, our shop is also available online 24/7!

Can I take photographs?
The Grand Tour comes with a photography pass for still photography for personal use only.

There is no photography allowed on our other tours.  You may take all the exterior pictures you like!  The gardens are beautiful 80% of the year!

How long will it take to finish the restoration?
The time it takes to finish the restoration is all dependent on the donations that we receive.